Today every professional organization depends on communication to bring about development in their business.  Communications in the organization are basically done through emails. When we speak of emails, email clients play a major role. Today you can find a variety of email clients used all around the world. One among the popular clients is Outlook.  Outlook incorporates many features for easy and fast communication of messages around the world. In online mode they generally make use of PST file to store all the data it sent and received.



Apart from sending and receiving messages, Outlook lets you to track of appointments, create notes, assign tasks and many other features.  OST file signifies a major role in Outlook, it lets you to store all the data in offline mode that can be synchronized with the exchange server later when it goes on online mode. But due to certain circumstances this file may get corrupt and leads to loss of all the crucial data. Hence you need to fix them to get your mails back. This page describes software that can perform the conversion without any harm to the system.  You can convert OST to PST in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and other advanced version with the described software. 

Let’s have a brief look on the events that may eventually end up in corrupting your OST file:-

  • Power surges are unpredictable. When an OST file is used when a power fluctuation happens when the Outlook in active mode then you may encounter an OST file corruption.
  • The virus can take entry on your system from various means and starts its malicious behavior in the system. It can replicate its malicious programs on different files including the OST file and corrupts the file causing the loss of data that it contains
  • Unreliable software for compressing the OST file may sometimes corrupt the file making all the data inaccessible to the user.  So you should be more careful while using the outlook files for compression. In case, OST file is deleted due to this scenario, then you can use this software to recover deleted folder from OST file without any issues.

Tips to avoid corruption of OST file:-

  • Avoid using untrusted software to compressing the OST file
  • Use a UPS system to your computer to protect it from power surges

In all the instances the only solution is to convert the OST to PST and retrieve your data. Use a best and safest tool like Microsoft Convert OST to PST to achieve this task without any interruptions.

This software can be executed on all Windows versions like Windows 7, 8, XP, server 2003 and 2008.  It as the capable of fixing the corruption and converting the OST to PST file secured with passwords and which are encrypted. Peek In here to convert the OST to PST file in Outlook 2010 version.

This software also facilitates the preview of the restored Outlook attributes after the conversion and recovery process. It restores Outlook emails, Contacts, Reminders, RSS feeds, Appointment and many more.  To download and install this software you hardly need 50 MB on your hard disk. To restore contacts from Outlook OST file by converting OST file to PST file.

Steps to convert OST to PST:-

Step 1: First download the software and install them on your Windows opearting system. Launch the software and select "Open OST File" file from the main screen

Convert OST to PST Microsoft Outlook - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page



Step 2: Now browse and select the OST file that is been saved on your system drive

Convert OST to PST Microsoft Outlook - Select OST file Screen

Fig 2: Select the OST file

Step 3: Now the software ask you the select the destination location. Browse and select the valid location

Convert OST to PST Microsoft Outlook - Choose destination location Screen

Fig 3: Select Destination Path for PST storage

Step 4: After the conversion the software provides a sucess message

Convert OST to PST Microsoft Outlook - Results Screen

Fig 4: Sucess Message