Outlook 2010 is a latest version of Outlook that as gained a wide popularity in short time.  Today’s modern world most of them give importance for communication. Business organization merely depends on emails for communication. Today many rely on Outlook for communicating messages among the clients and employers within the organization.  It is obvious there can be problems in the network, however the organization as b be on constant work. Hence to keep the work going Outlook provides an OST file to work in offline mode as well. Later when the internet is regained it exchanges the data with the server and regains the sending and receiving task.



Consider a situation where you were working on your Outlook 2010 version. You did not notice the lack of connectivity and sent one of your crucial mails to your senior authority. You did know worry since you thought when net is regained it will be sent automatically. But in between due to some problem, you notice that your Outlook has stopped responding due to OST file corruption. What will you do now? Don’t worry, the only way out is converting your OST file and regaining your data. Outlook 2010 Convert OST to PST Software is one of the advanced developed utility that can safely convert your OST file and restore OST emails.  

There are many reasons that can lead to the corruption of OST file. The OST file can face damage due to virus infection. Malware can take an entry to your system from an infected device or when a user downloads a file from different suspicious sites. They can infect your OST files and cause data loss

Power problems are one of the major problems faced by the common people. In case if a problem happens to occur when you are working on your Outlook. There are chances the currently used OST file may get corrupted leading to loss of data from your Outlook profile

The OST file can face damage when users try to compress them using an unreliable source.  Compressing an OST file to reduce the file size can make your OST file in a higher risk of damage. This causes the data from OST file to be inaccessible by users.

In all these cases Outlook 2010 Convert OST to PST Tool can bring about a great change by resolving all your issues. You can easily download this software on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and convert your OST file to a healthy PST.After the conversion you will be able to retrieve all contacts, appointments, Journals, etc. Refer Here to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2007 in the given link.

This software also enables preview of the recovered Outlook items after the conversion. In also enables conversion of Microsoft OST to PST having a password and which are encrypted. Using this software is malware free and hence does not harm your system by any means. This coversion tool can also convert Outlook 2013 OST to PST file format with ease. You just need to execute only 3 steps to complete process to finish. This software not only supports latest verions, it also supports old versions of Microsoft Outlook i.e. it can also help you in converting OST to PST Outlook 2003 on all the latest versions of Windows OS.



Steps to convert OST to PST of Outlook 2010 version:-

Step 1: Download the software on your system and click on "Open OST File" option. In case if you dont know the location of the OST file then click on "Find OST File"

Convert OST to PST Outlook 2010 - Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Browse and select the OST file from the system using the browse option

Convert OST to PST Outlook 2010 - Select the OST file

Fig 2: Browse OST File

Step 3: Now select the destination path for to store the converted PST file

Convert OST to PST Outlook 2010 - Select destination path Screen

Fig 3: Choose Destination Path Screen

Step 4: The software intiates the conversion process and shows you the progress on the new screen

Convert OST to PST Outlook 2010 - Progress Screen

Fig 4: Progress Screen

Step 5: After the process the software displays a sucess message

Convert OST to PST Outlook 2010 - Sucess  Screen

Fig 5: Sucess Message