Microsoft Outlook, a client-based application for Microsoft users. It is one of the most popular email applications among computer users. Microsoft Outlook application and Microsoft Exchange Server collaboratively creates an e- communication environment. The Microsoft Exchange server is basically the power behind all the amazing features of Microsoft Outlook. If you want to access data from the MS Exchange Server mailbox, then you have to synchronize the .ost file with Exchange Server. The synchronization of OST file with Exchange Server means you are initating or transferring data between Server and offline folder file that is .ost file.



An Outlook .ost file is an exact replica of Exchange server mailbox that is stored on the client system. When synchronization between Exchange Server and OST file takes place, the .ost files that are stored on client system will automatically get converted into .pst files and gets updated with all the changes made in Exchange server. Similarly the Exchange server is updated with the changes that are made in OST file. Refer for more info regarding how to convert OST to PST file

Outlook OST files are very susceptible to corruption and they can be easily get corrupted due to various internal and external causes. Many times, the OST files undergo issues due interruption during synchronization with Exchange Server database and the OST file becomes inaccessible with all its contents. Refer more about this in further part about how to convert Microsoft OST file to PST

Reasons for OST file corruption:

  • Improper upgrading of Outlook version can cause OST file corruption leading to data loss
  • Malware attacks  to OST file while an infected file is downloaded to the system or infected device is connected to the system
  • Compressing the Outlook data can sometimes result in corruption of OST files


Now, there are two ways to resolve this issue. First method is opting an Inbox Repair to fix OST file. But the Inbox Repair tool has a drawback. Generally, it replaces old or authentic data with new or false data. So, the other option you have is converting the orphaned OST file into PST format. All that you got to do is use efficient OST to PST file conversion software. Using such software you can convert corrupt OST file into accessible PST file format and easily restore all your mailbox data back.

The most remarkable aspect about such utility is its ability to perform beyond your requirements as it is bundled with different advanced features. It is one of the best email conversion software that uses advanced scanning techniques to effectively convert OST to PST file. This software is a read-only tool that doesn’t modifies the original OST file during conversion process, rather it reads source OST file and converts it into a new PST file. The conversion is very simple and you can easily restore all your mailbox data such as Emails, Contacts, Email attachments, Calendar items, tasks, journals, notes etc. after converting OST to PST file. This application is user friendly and it can be used by both technical and non-technical persons for fixing issues with OST file.

Steps to convert Outlook 2013 OST to PST:

Step 1: After insatllation click on "Open OST File" or "Find OST File" option to select your OST file

Convert Outlook 2013 OST to PST - Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page



Step 2: From the second screen select the browse button and browse for your OST file

Convert Outlook 2013 OST to PST - Browse OST File Screen

Fig 2: Browse OST File

Step 3: Choose the destination path to store your converted PST file after the OST convertion

Convert Outlook 2013 OST to PST - Select Destination

Fig 3: Select Destination Path

Step 4: Finally after the conversion the software displays a sucess message about the OST conversion process

Convert Outlook 2013 OST to PST - Sucess Message Screen

Fig 4: Result Screen