Today, one can find different email clients used all around the world. Amongst the various email application Windows Mail has got its prominent role. Using Windows Mail one can send and receive messages from any different places around the globe. This email client uses PST files to store all the emails and other attributes. To send and receive emails, you need to have an internet connection. But Windows Mail even lets you to work in offline mode. The mails that you send during the offline mode is saved in OST file, which later when internet connectivity is resumed connects to the server and sends the mail to the destination location. Due to OST files users have a greater liberty to continue their work, even in the absence of internet connection.



Even if OST files provide such a facility for offline data storage, they are frequently prone to data damage. When OST files get damaged you may lose lots of data that was created during the offline mode. Due to this your business can undergo a major loss. Hence, to save such loss in business, you must fix your OST files and convert them to PST immediately. In order to achieve this make use of Convert OST to PST Windows Mail software. This amazing software enables you to fix your damaged PST and convert them to OST without any data loss. Refer for more info on how to convert OST to PST of Outlook

Scenarios where your OST file gets corrupted:

Abnormal termination: In an organization, Windows Mail is used constantly, in order to keep a view on the incoming messages or to send messages to different people. During this time, if there is a power surge and if the system is not protected by a UPS system, it tends to cause OST file corruption and thus leading to loss of Outlook data. In such a case, make use of Convert OST to PST Windows Mail in order to perform conversion of OST to PST Windows mail

Migrating to new version:  Every now and then Microsoft comes up with a frequent update of Windows mail. During such time user having an older version installed, try to update it to the new version.  If the process is undertaken in an improper manner, it leads to the damage of OST file. Hence, you need to OST to PST conversion Windows mail

Virus attacks:  Unprotected computers nowadays are frequently prone to virus attack. When an attachment is received through an email, there are chances that the attached file may contain a malware. When this file is downloaded on your PC, it infects the OST file and corrupts them. Thus, this incident leads to loss of emails and other data saved on your OST file of Windows Mail

Convert OST to PST Windows Mail is an highly advanced software that enables you to repair OST file and perform conversion of OST to PST Windows Mail with few mouse clicks.  It supports OST files of different versions like Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This software can also be used to restore deleted folder from OST file in few simple steps.If you have an OST file which is password protected, you don’t have to worry. By using this software you will be able to convert even password secured OST file to healthy PST file. This software also convert OST file of Outlook 2010, which is one of the latest version of Outlook



Steps to convert OST to PST Windows Mail:-

Step 1: To begin start downloading Convert OST to PST Windows Mail software on your computer. Now select "Open OST File" option

Convert OST to PST Windows Mail - Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Browse and select the OST file that you want to convert

Convert OST to PST Windows Mail - Select OST file Screen

Fig 2: Select the OST file

Step 3: Now you need to select the destination for storing your converted PST file

Convert OST to PST Windows Mail - Choose destination location Screen

Fig 3: Select Destination Path for PST storage

Step 4: By the end of the conversion of OST to PST Windows Mail process you will recieve a sucess message

Convert OST to PST Windows Mail - Results Screen

Fig 4: Sucess Message